RMIT Staff and Student Visit to Narrawong for Kang-o-meerteek Project and Special Community Gathering

A hugely successful weekend was had by all at the specialist talks and Community Gathering during the visit by the RMIT students under Professor Marieluis Jonas’ care for the Kang-o-meerteek Project. Students were very impressed with the area and being able to meet and talk with so many of our community.  Thanks to Locals Wal Saunders, Ivan and Ruth Boyer, Kathy Taylor, Owen Roberts, x Lachlan Farrington from Natures Glenelg Trust, Emma Dart from DELWP, Dan Pech form GLenelg Shire Council   for their one on one sessions with the students.

Special thanks to Janet Angel for all her hard work preparing the evening meal on Friday and also the BBQ on Sunday.

What’s next?

RMIT Landscape Architecture students will produce a document about the discoveries made during their site analysis of Narrawong. This will be published online for viewing by the whole of the Narrawong Community mid April.

Some fabulous photos by Damian Goodman of the weekend spent in the company of the RMIT Landscape Achitecture Students and staff at the Community gathering and BBQ