As a result of the recent visit by RMIT students to Narrawong, some wonderful work has been done to summarise their experience in our town.

Please see the RMIT Phase 1 document they have put together illustrating what they found and the many wonderful conversations they had whilst in town. It is good to note that this document does not detail what the final outcomes of this part of the Small Town Transformation project will be, however, in talking about all the possibilities, we make one more substantial step towards a great addition to Narrawong.

The very last page of this document gives an overview of the ideas that have emerged from the staff and student visit.

The next steps will be to further develop these ideas in Phase 2 of the project, with the community and stakeholders. The Kang-o-meerteek Project Management Committee will keep the whole community posted about the details of this, when dates are confirmed.

Thank you to Dr Marieluise and the students for the work that has been put into the visit to our town, this document and the project. Thanks also to the team of volunteers, guest speakers and the Kang-o-meerteek Project Management Committee for providing support on the weekend of the RMIT visit.

If you have any questions about the Kang-o-meerteek project please email. We love hearing from you.

If you are a Narrawong resident there are copies of the RMIT Phase 1 Document in the Post Office to read over. Otherwise you can view the document online by clicking the button below.